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Lompoc Valley Fallen Warriors Memorial

Lompoc Valley Fallen Warriors Memorial Order Form. (To access the order form, click on the link near the bottom of the page.)
Listed below are several ways to help us build this memorial. A donation in any amount is welcome.
Please choose how you would like to become involved:
Veteran's Walls      

A $250.00 Donation    Engraved granite with 3 lines, approximately 20 characters each line (includes spaces)**


Name :


Service Information:

The Memorial Walk      

A $250.00 Donation    4 x 8 brick,  3 lines up to 14 characters each line**


Choose One:  ___In Memory of    ___In Honor of    ___In Appreciation of    ___Other

* * Your family name or personal sentiment may be placed on a brick


Line 1:

Line 2:



Donor's Circle   

There are six levels of donations as listed below

To be a part of the Donor's Circle in this incredible project, please choose your level of donation and mail or deliver with the order form. Your personal or company name will be engraved in a granite tile acknowledging your generous donation.
BRONZE        $500.00 + 8 x 8             4 lines up to 16 characters ½” text each line
SILVER          $1,500.00 + 8 x 16         4 lines up to 16 characters ¾” text each line
GOLD             $2,500.00 + 16 x 16       6 lines up to 16 characters ¾” text each line
PLATINUM   $5,000.00 + 16 x 24       8 lines up to 24 characters or an 8 x 8 Logo*
TITANIUM   $7,500.00 +  24 x 24      8 lines up to 24 characters or a 12 x 12 Logo*
The center of the donor’s circle will be 36” in diameter and will be held for the most generous donation
exceeding $10,000.00 
*Designs for these tiles will be coordinated so that variations can be accommodated.
**Sizes for the tiles are subject to change.
**Engravings, personal sentiments, and special requests are subject to committee approval. 
Thank You
A donation in any amount is welcome. 

Contact us with any questions: 805-450-0777

Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it.

It flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.


Fallen Warrior Logo drawn by Mark Robb. Artwork and video produced and provided by Michael Peachey, MW Architects. Website designed by MMM.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Walk Through the Memorial Order Form Granite Tiles and Bricks
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